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About Us - East St. Louis Community College Center

About Us

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East St. Louis Community College Center (ESLCCC) brings excellent educational resources to East St. Louis and surrounding areas by hosting community college programs and services from Kaskaskia College and Southwestern Illinois College.  ESLCCC has been in operation since January 1999, offering students the opportunity to gain skills and experiences that will speed them on their way to interesting jobs and satisfying careers.  In addition, ESLCCC serves as a community resource for the enrichment of adults and children through a variety of programs and services.

ESLCCC is committed to the values of the community college concept.  The uniqueness of the individual and the diversity of his/her needs are recognized and respected.  The Center is committed to a philosophy that fosters the dignity and worth of each individual regardless of race, creed, gender, physical abilities and natural or ethnic origin.

As its mission, ESLCCC strives to become the educational and cultural center of the East St. Louis community by providing for the development of academic and vocational skills to all persons who reside in this area.  We believe that education is the key to preparing for the economic and social issues of this challenging millennium.

ESLCCC is administered by the Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market (SICCM), a non-profit group of five community colleges and two universities which work together under the auspices of the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) to provide community college programs and related services to residents in the East St. Louis region.

Please review our mission statement and core values below.

Mission Statement

East St. Louis Community College Center strives to become the educational and cultural center of the East St. Louis community by fostering the development of academic, vocational, and social skills for the residents in the East St. Louis area. Education is the key to facing the economic, social and multicultural challenges of the New Millennium.

Core Values

The East St. Louis Community College Center (ESLCCC) upholds CORE VALUES which form the foundation on which we perform our work and conduct ourselves. These values are so important, that throughout the changes in society, they remain constant.  Our core values are not only descriptions of the work we do or the strategies we employ, but they are the practices we strive to embrace every day.



Be diligent, strong, resilient and courageous in fulfilling our obligations of building and maintaining a better, stronger and sustainable Center for future generations.



Accept responsibility for the consequences of our actions and consider how others will be affected by them.  Work together being unified in our purpose.



Be truthful and resist wrong doing by matching our words with our behaviors whether being watched or not. Set a good example and exercise self discipline at all times.



Value the rights of individuals by demonstrating kindness, caring, tolerance, and patience.  Have a high level of positive self-regard by showing concern for property as well as the environment.