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Success Stories - East St. Louis Community College Center

Success Stories

Corey T. Harris

cory-t-harris-success-storyArmy National Guard Corey T. Harris has registered for classes at East St. Louis Community College Center, and is ready to soar into the Fall semester.  He was down to the wire, and time was running out.  He thought that financial aid was out of reach, and he imagined sitting out for this semester.  After researching other options, he chose East St. Louis Community College Center because of its convenient location and good reviews.

Mr. Harris met with the newly appointed ESLCCC Student Services Representative, Mr. Juan C. Bean and he has no regrets.

Corey is married with two children and remains active in the Army National Guard. He is exciting about his fall classes and his participation in several other activities at East St. Louis Community College Center. Corey believes that there is no way he can possibly fail with all the options afforded to him at ESLCCC.  He will take advantage of the resources at ESLCCC that foster his dreams as a husband, father, and a gainful contributor to his community.  Corey is adding to his military career, SWIC’s Ward Clerk Certificate at ESLCCC.  For information about this and other exciting careers, please call ESLCCC at (618) 874-8700 today!